The Animal Welfare Society of Stark County....Spay. Neuter. Adopt.

The Animal Welfare Society of Stark County works for one goal: No more homeless pets in Stark County, Ohio. Our organization was founded in 2009 to provide access to low-cost spay and neuter services and to assist low-income pet owners with this expense. Since our founding, we partnered with Friends of Stark Pound to establish a vet clinic and surgery room at the Stark County Dog Pound. Now, dogs who come into the shelter with illness or injury will be treated, and therefore present as more "adoptable," increasing their chances for finding a loving, forever family. Adopted dogs will also leave Stark Pound spayed or neutered-no longer leaving it to the adopter to make certain this important procedure is performed. What this means ultimately is fewer homeless dogs in Stark County and that is the goal of the Animal Welfare Society of Stark County.

Molly-surrounded by fosters and other rescued members of the family-a happy girl in her forever home!

We hope you will join our efforts, whether as a volunteer or a donor. We really can’t do it without you and if you care about animals, you can do something-there is no effort toward this goal that is insignificant. Each one of us who is working for the day when there will be “No more homeless pets in Stark County” is playing an important role to end the unnecessary suffering of countless pets who deserve better.

If you would like to foster or adopt a homeless pet in Stark County, check out the links below. There’s a pet who needs you today-open your heart and your home!

Friends of Stark Pound

Second Chance for Animals